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Drug Disposal Boxes

Along with the Delaware County Sheriff, Russ Martin, Drug Free Delaware helped facilitate a way to safely dispose of your unused medication at various law enforcement locations around Delaware County. These sites provide our community members a safe and convenient method for disposal. In addition, law enforcement is able to collect and destroy hundreds of pounds per year which is both beneficial to the environment and eliminates the potential for misuse. The permanent boxes are easily accessible, located within the lobby. Information on the amounts collected can be found in the Community Health Improvement Plan reports.

Deterra® Drug Deactivation System

Drug Free Delaware regularly distributes Deterra Pouches as an alternative for unused or expired medications to be safely disposed of at home. Deterra® is a drug deactivation system that uses proprietary activated carbon to permanently destroy prescription and over the counter pills, patches, liquids, creams and films.

Deterra Plant-Based Pouches use a simple three-step process with water to deactivate the product. They do not expire so having them on hand when you have a smaller amount to dispose of is another safe, environmentally sound way to dispose of medication.

In the past month, 941 Delaware County youth reported using prescription drugs not prescribed for them.

Programs We Support

Drug Free Delaware makes an impact by partnering with community leaders and national campaigns to help raise awareness and share resources to help prevent underage drinking, the use of illegal drugs, and the misuse of prescription medication. Through event attendance and promotions we are able to educate our communities and make an impact.

Here are some of the programs we work with to further our impact:

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s largest and longest-running drug-use prevention campaign. For over 30 years Red Ribbon Week has provided awareness, advocacy, and resources to communities across the United States. 

Here in Delaware County, Ohio, Drug Free Delaware does its part to support and promote the efforts of Red Ribbon Week by providing materials and resources for our four school districts – Olentangy Local, Buckeye Valley, Delaware City, and Big Walnut. 

Drug Free Delaware also works with Student Resource Officers from both Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Delaware City Police Department to customize messages for each school and encourage students to sign a pledge to be Drug Free.

Parents Who Host Lose the Most

Parents Who Host Lose the Most is a public health media campaign originated by Prevention Action Alliance designed to help others prevent underage drinking in their community.

Drug Free Delaware works with Student Resource Officers to get the message out to high school students and parents through newsletters, facility signage, and community communication. Partnering with the Sheriff’s Office, a message is sent to parents through school communication to ensure all parties are aware, and doing their part.

2,509 Delaware County youth had at least one drink in the past month.

Through campaigns like Red Ribbon Week and Parents Who Host Lose the Most, plus other substance misuse awareness messages, high school students are able to get involved with various contests throughout the school year to earn points and win prizes.

This program simulates a teenager’s bedroom and allows the adult to see the environment with fresh eyes

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Hidden in plain sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is a presentation to educate adult caregivers on identifying signs of possible substance use and risky behaviors in adolescents. This program simulates a teenager’s bedroom and allows the adult to see the environment with fresh eyes, so that they may identify hidden drug paraphernalia, along with warning signs associated with drug or alcohol misuse by a young person. As part of the program, the presenter will explain various substance use trends, help adults recognize the signs and symptoms to watch for, and provide information on local resources.

Locally, officers from various area Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments have offered this program within our different school districts. Drug Free Delaware partners with the officers, providing the supplies and behind-the-scenes administrative support. Currently, program instruction is led by an officer with the Delaware City Police Department and supported by officers from Powell Police Department and deputies from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Safety Town

Safety Town is a program founded by a Mansfield, Ohio policeman in 1937 to deliver traffic safety education programs for pre-kindergarten children.

Locally, Safety Town uses hands-on activities to teach young children about a variety of content regarding safety and injury prevention. They are typically provided to children entering Kindergarten and First Grade.

Safety topics may include strangers, fire, 9-1-1, bicycle and helmet, poison, car seats, weather, water, drugs, school bus, traffic and crosswalks. These half-day camps are offered by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Delaware City Police Department, and Powell Parks and Recreation Department.

As a leader participant, Drug Free Delaware provides education on poison and medication safety throughout these Delaware County programs.

Look for registration openings in late spring for camps offered during the summer months using the links below:

Reduce Teen Crashes

Drug Free Delaware has partnered with SAFE Delaware – Safety Awareness For Everyone – and SADD – Students Against Destructive Decisions – to promote smart and sound behaviors. We collaborated on maximizing the impact of the existing Reduce Teen Crashes website portal for teachers, administrators, and students to get the most valuable information and resources.

Through campaigns like Red Ribbon Week and Parent Who Host Lose the Most, plus other substance misuse awareness messages, high school students are able to get involved with various contests throughout the school year to earn points and win prizes.