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2021 Annual Accidental Overdose FATALITY report

Created with data from ODH Vital Statistics pulled 7/13/2022. Data is considered preliminary and may change as coroners have 6 months to complete reports.

Start Talking!

Provides tips for parents and recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug use, resources for the community about safeguarding your home, and school lessons for educators to help prevent drug abuse – referred to as the HOPE curriculum.


OACBHA is the statewide organization that represents the interests of all of Ohio’s county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Boards at the state level. Also organizes the Ohio Opiate Conference and promotes RECOVERY Is Beautiful™.


Provides integrated behavioral healthcare services, with a specialization in addiction recovery care.

Prevention Action Alliance

Offers several programs designed to assist healthy communities in the prevention of substance misuse and the promotion of mental health wellness.

Delaware Public Health District

The Delaware Public Health District is a Combined Health District, serving Delaware County (except portions annexed to Westerville, Columbus, and Dublin), Delaware City and Powell.


Students Against Destructive Decisions empowers and mobilizes students and adult allies to engage in positive change through leadership and smart decision-making.


Serves as the architect and supporter of the safety net of mental health and substance abuse services helping individuals in Delaware and Morrow Counties.


A community-based agency providing local, toll-free crisis support, as well as information and referral services. Through knowledge and resources, assists individuals with emotional, financial, and information needs.


Data and information resources. Funding source for prevention, recovery, education, and outcome studies.


Focus on the science of drug abuse and addiction. Provides information on drug abuse, research, funding opportunities, and news and events.

Get Smart About Drugs

DEA website for parents, educators, and caregivers that features information about different kinds of drugs and associated paraphernalia, trends and statistics related to substances and their use, and more.


A membership organization of over 5,000 anti-drug coalitions, each working to make its community safe, healthy, and drug-free. Provides links to research and best practices for effective coalition development.